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Hadoop online training in INDIA

Webtrackker is the best Hadoop online
training in INDIA
, You have not had a
conversation about Big Data for a long time without running into the elephant
in the room: Hadoop. This open source software platform managed by the Apache
Software Foundation has proven to be very useful for storing and managing large
amounts of data, economically and efficiently. But what exactly is Hadoop and
what makes it so special? In summary, it is a way to store large data sets in
distributed groups of servers and then run "distributed" analysis
applications in each cluster. It is designed to be robust, in the sense that
its Big Data applications continue to work, even when individual servers (or
clusters) fail. And it is also designed to be efficient because it does not
require your applications to transfer large amounts of data through your
network. This is how Apache formally describes it: the Apache Hadoop software
library is a framework that allows the distributed processing of large data
sets that create groups of computers using simple programming models. It is
designed to scale from a few servers to thousands of machines, each with local
calculation and storage. Instead of relying on hardware to provide high
availability, the library is designed to detect and handle errors at the
application layer, providing a highly available service on top of a group of
computers, each sensitive to more faults deep, and there is even more magic at
work. Hadoop is almost completely modular, which means that you can replace
almost all parts with another software tool. This makes the architecture
incredibly flexible, but also robust and efficient..

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