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Javascript Training in Noida

Webtrackker is the best Javascript Training
in Noida
, JavaScript is an object-oriented and cross-platform
scripting language. It is a small and light language. In a host environment
(for example, a web browser) you can connect JavaScript with the objects in the
environment to bieden.JavaScript on programming control that includes a
standard library of objects, such as matrix, date and mathematics and a basic
set of language elements such as operators, control structures and declarations.
Core JavaScript can be extended for various purposes by completing it with
additional objects; for example:

JavaScript in the client extends the central language by providing
objects to manage a browser and the Document Object Model (DOM). For example,
with client-side extensions, an application can place elements in an HTML form
and respond to user events, such as mouse clicks, form feed, and page
navigation. JavaScript on the server extends the primary language by providing
objects that are relevant to running JavaScript. A server. For example, with
extensions on the server side, an application can communicate with a database,
provide continuity of information from one call to another of the application
or perform file manipulations on a server. Java and Java are similar to each
other in some aspects, but they are fundamentally different in some others. The
JavaScript language is similar to Java, but it does not have static typing and
strong Java typing controls. JavaScript follows the syntax of Java expression,
naming conventions, and basic flow control structures, which is why JavaScript
was renamed Unlike Java built by declarations, JavaScript
supports an execution system based on a small number of data types that represent
numeric,and string values. JavaScript has an object model based on prototypes
instead of the more general class-based object model. The model based on
prototypes offers dynamic inheritance; that is, what is inherited may vary for
individual objects. JavaScript also supports functions without special
declarative requirements. Functions can be properties of objects that are
executed as non-typing methods.


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