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​HMD’s disposable hypodermic syringes have a hollow needle attached to a syringe which helps pierce the skin and inject substances into the bloodstream. The needle is well siliconized to reduce friction and helps in smooth penetration and withdrawal. The hypodermic syringes portray innovation in technology which makes it advanced, simple and affordable. Components like barrels, plunger, and gaskets make the syringe a much-desired product. The presence of ring and lock mechanism makes sure that the plunger breaks automatically when reuse is attempted. HMD provides a range of hypodermic syringes such as Kojak Selinge, Dispovan and Unolok insulin syringes.Presence of low dead space in HMD disposable hypodermic syringe helps avoid wastage of medication and ensures accurate dosage as it makes it convenient for the people who prefer small dosage such as children.

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