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Back-links are necessary for improving your SEO. Unfortunately, it is not always easy getting these links – especially back-links of authority. One technique that has been incredibly effective at helping sites earn quality back-links is guest blogging.

Guest blogging simply refers to writing informative articles for other blogs. The blogs that you target will be relevant to your products, services, or website. If you would like to give this back-link building method a try, then take a look at the following tips.

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities Guest Blogging
Before you can start writing guest blog posts, you need to find a blog that wants your content. The sites that you focus on should be related to your industry. They should have a large following on social media and an active visitor base.

You can search for guest blogging opportunities using several different methods:

Social Media
guest posts of popular guest bloggers
Search on Google
The first place to search is Google. Choose a keywords related to the topics that you would like to write about. Add “guest post by” to the keywords you selected and perform a search query. The top results should include blog articles in your industry that were written by guest bloggers.

Along with the search method described, you could search for blog posts written by your competitors. Use the following search string, placing your competitor’s domain in the query:

Search for The results should contain guest blog posts written by your competition.

Search Through Social Media Guest Blogging
In addition to Google, you can find guest blogging opportunities through social media. The simplest social media platform to search for this purpose is Twitter. Use the same query mentioned for Google searches – your keyword + guest post by.

Search the Guest Posts of Popular Guest Bloggers
There is one more option for finding guest blogging opportunities. Search for guest posts written by popular bloggers. Again, use the first search method described above. But, include the name of the guest blogger that you are searching for.

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