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Prenatal Paternity Dna Test

A prenatal paternity test is a conclusive way to determine if a man is the
father of an unborn child. It is an option for those who do not wish to wait
until the baby is born to determine paternity.

An Advanced Dna takes a prenatal sample using methods that are well
established, and we extract DNA from this sample for analysis. DNA is formed at
conception and does not change; thus we can obtain the same conclusive and
accurate results with a prenatal test as with a regular paternity test.

The samples for the alleged father and mother can be collected using an
in-home kit, if the test is for personal knowledge only.

No risky procedures; no
amniocentesis; no CVS. A Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Test Sampling
Only the Mother's Blood and samples from the alleged father(s) - to determine
the paternity of the child as early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy. No blood
is taken from the alleged father(s).

Unlike an amniocentesis
or CVS which could cause
problems in the pregnancy and/or fetal injuries, induce labor, or terminate the
pregnancy, this test is noninvasive. You do not need to have an
amniocentesis or CVS to do this test.

This test is both cost effective and safe, and is a doctor-recommended
alternative to an amniocentesis or CVS.

The collection of all specimens for this test is safe and noninvasive for
both the mother and unborn fetus, and you do not need a doctor to collect the
sample specimen.

Because no doctor involvement is necessary in the testing process, we can
guarantee absolute and total confidentiality.


Our laboratory often achieves accuracy levels of 99.9999% or higher. We
guarantee conclusive prenatal paternity test results—99.99% or higher
probabilities of paternity for inclusions (the alleged father is the
biological father) and 100% certainty for exclusions (the alleged father
is not the biological father).

If the test we perform is not conclusive or does not achieve the accuracy
rate we promise, we provide a money-back guarantee to our customers.

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